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Creating invoices in a few clicks.

Just add a service record with items and an invoice will be prepared in the background.

Tire service

From now on, it is also possible to register as a tire service. Ability to record tire storage for customers.

Tire service has all other functions available, but the use is adapted to the needs of the tire service.

Photos from repairs for customers

Many customers will welcome the opportunity to see the condition in which they brought their car and how conscientiously you proceeded with their repair. Send a Whatsapp message or copied link with one click.

Sharing on Facebook also has its "magic". Show off your excellent work through the built-in gallery. With each of your posts, there can be your contacts and the post can reach people who didn't know about you yet.

Improved calendar

We've improved scheduling, a clear calendar, easy to use and easy to use on mobile

Need to know what you're up to? Just pull out your phone and you're clear on it 😎


The dashboard contains information, comments, actions, and cars you've been working on lately

The information on the dashboard is a link through which you can get where you need to go

Booking system

It is possible to make a booking for an existing or new car.

When creating a reservation, a basic operation is created, from which a service record can be made with one click


The car may have reminders for an (time) oil change or passing an MOT/Technical check

Reminders are created automatically when created by one of two service tasks, oil change or MOT/Technical check

Service book

It is possible to open a service book in PDF for each car, which can be printed or shared with the customer.

The book is gradually created from service operations, which are recorded continuously.

Car search

You can search for a car by:

  • make / model of car
  • VIN
  • License plate
  • Čast textu v poznámkach
  • Customer name
  • Customer phone
  • Customer email
  • Engine code

Print job summary

The recorded operation can be opened in PDF to print as information for the customer. Instead of printing, it is also possible to send a link directly

The summary may include a list of spare parts used and their brands, for example.