Car Service

For a car service with multiple employees, our platform is the ideal solution. It allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your activity, from tracking orders to creating and monitoring invoices. Our platform is designed to be accessible to all employees, whether they are mechanics or financial workers.

All Features of Small Garage

As a service, you have access to all the functionalities that the Small Garage has. This includes tracking orders, adding cars, creating orders and quotes, and approving orders.

Team Management

In this section, you can manage all your employees, add new team members or remove existing ones. Additionally, you can customize access rights for individual employees in the 'Users' section, determining which parts of the system are available to them. This ensures efficiency and security within your team.

Working with Different Access Levels

Your system allows different access levels among employees. Mechanics can add cars and record performances, financial workers process invoices, and managers have an overview of all operations. This ensures efficiency and security in your service.

Quick Report

Our platform provides an overview of your current activity. In the 'Quick Overview', you will find information about service actions, parts prices, and total turnover. The report section allows you to track the status of orders for the last 30 days, payment method, and canceled orders, helping you better understand your operations.